Disney anyone?

The doctor gave me three new prescriptions today. Oy! I'm not feeling better yet, but I've got high hopes for tomorrow (or the day after? :)

Here's a pocket album I worked on today. This will be taught in a class at the Hilliard Cord Camera in February. I'll post the date & time as soon as I get them ironed out. The class will be limited to 10 people, I hope you'll be one of the attendees!

The first picture is of the front of the album, the ones below show various angles of just some of the inside pages. There are photo mats in here to hold up to 24 pictures! While the album will tie closed, I really enjoy it opened as a showplace for your pics. You can fan it out into a star album (see last three pictures below) and sit on a desk or counter so everyone can enjoy your Disney pictures. I used a WIDE variety of items to create the book. Hopefully you can stop by the store later this week to see it in person. As usual, it's tough to do it justice in pictures. I'm also working on a February Card class for Cord and hope to post that tomorrow. See you then!

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