Wanna see my scrapbooking room?

I know I haven't posted anything lately. I'm not really keen on the weather this winter, it's been dragging me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down and I'm just not feeling the creative urge. But, I did clean and organize my scrapbooking room over the last few days and thought you might want to see some pictures. Feel free to post comments if you have questions or suggestions to make it better :)

This first picture is of the right hand side of my wall of CD shelving. They're the perfect depth to hold
almost all of my smaller embellishments and holders.

Picture number two is the left hand side of the wall. I've got plastic 'candy bins' that I got from Cord Camera's clearance area. (They held Creative Cafe stuff originally) Mine are filled with with ribbons on the top row. The bottom row has punchs, loose rubber/acrylic stamps, embossing supplies, and various items that I use frequently. Under that are my punches, rubber stamp sets, etc.

Picture 3 has tall Library table that I work on most of the time. It has my Clip-it-Up with some of my favorite card samples for inspiration, my AMM Tool caddy that goes everywhere with me. My revolving tool caddy, iPod, and Cricut Expression.

Pic 4 is my IKEA shelving unit that holds the majority of my paper. I also have drawers that hold things like Adhesives, Flat/fragile embellishments, embellishments, Tools, and two drawers of items waiting to be altered!

Pic 5 is another view of the right side of my CD shelf.

Pic 6 is another view of the left side of the CD stand.

Hope you enjoyed this peek inside my world! As I said, please comment if you have any questions or suggestions!
Thanks for stopping by and have a WONDERFUL Day... I plan to!


djp said...

I love your space!! Thanks for posting, I just might be inspired to post mine too :)

Andrea said...

Omigosh are you kidding me!! What times is your store open, I need some of that ribbon!! How awesome is your room!! Love it!


Missey~ said...

wowzers!!! can i come play?

basketcase said...

It's even more awesome in person!!!