The classes are coming, the classes are coming!

Whew, the kids just left and I just didn't want to miss a single moment with them while they were here. For those of you who don't know, here's the history...

My oldest son is in the Air Force and he, and his wife and son have been stationed out in Hawaii for the last 3 years. This makes for one unhappy Grandma that didn't get to spend nearly enough time with my grandson (or the kids either, for that matter!)

On February 1st, my son reported for tech school in Biloxi, MS and my daughter-in-law and grandson reported here, to Ohio, to spend some much needed catch-up time with all of us. They ended up spending a lot of time here, but they left on April 19th to report to his next duty station in Nebraska. It was a whirlwind at the end, especially those last four days when my son was home too. Now they're gone though, and it's time to get back to business. I've got lots of classes cooking (so to speak...)

Did you know that rainy days make great creative days? I plan to take full advantage of the rain today and stamp, stamp, stamp! Hopefully you can do something creative too!

Check back tomorrow morning and you'll see all the details about my May Stampin' Up! classes.
See you then :)


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