Stamper's "6" Clubs now forming!

Would you like to receive $15 in Free Merchandise and a Hostess Level 1 Stamp Set? How about demonstrations and 2 free Make & Take Projects each month? Can you commit to purchasing $25 in catalog product each month for the next 6 months?

If you've answered yes to all of these questions (and, seriously, what stamper wouldn't?!), then You're Invited!

You're Invited to join a Stamper's "6" Club and take advantage of everything I listed above! What is this, you ask? Well, it's where 6 members agree to purchase a minimum of $25 in catalog merchandise each month, for 6 months. We'll get together once a month to collect orders, see some product demonstrations, and make 2 small Make & Take projects. The members will take turn being the hostess and will receive Hostess benefits for their month. The only thing you're required to do is place your minimum order each month and bring snacks and drinks for the month you're hostess! It's a lot of fun!

We have openings in the following groups:
  • First Thursday Afternoon of Each Month, 1-3pm, Sept-Feb, First Mtg is September 2nd
  • Third Thursday Evening of Each Month, 7-9pm, Sept-Feb, First Mtg is Sept 16th
  • Third Friday Morning of Each Month, 10am-Noon, Sept-Feb, First Mtg is Sept 17th

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which month will I be hostess?

A: At our first meeting we'll draw numbers, when your number is chosen you'll choose from the months that are still available.

Q: What if I can't make it to the meeting one month?

A: You'll still be responsible for placing an order, prior to the meeting so we can get the orders placed right away. It's not fair to your other club members if their orders are held up to wait for yours. You can contact me and place the order over the phone and either place it on a credit card or drop off a check to me.

Q: If I don't make it to a meeting, will I still get my Make & Take projects?

A: You'll receive the packet, but your projects will not be completed.

Q: What kind of snacks and drinks will I need to bring?

A: Keep it simple! Bottles of Water and chocolates or small finger foods are sufficient. Remember, we'll be busy stamping so food is not the focal point!

Q: Why do I need to place an order during my month as Hostess?

A: Because the club benefits depend on each and every member placing an order to get to the minimum workshop amount ($150 total), you won't be able to receive Hostess Benefits if you don't place an order during your hostess month.

Q: Can I get extra orders during my Hostess Month?

A: Absolutely! You can collect outside orders, OR invite others to join us for the meeting during your month. As long as they place a $25 order, they'll get to make the projects as well! Extra orders will increase your Hostess Benefits (see complete chart on page 9 of the 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog).

So, are you ready to sign up yet? Contact me if you have other questions, or to sign up for one of the groups above. I am open to starting other clubs if you have a specific day / time that you're available, just ask!

Talk to you soon,


email: terri.meehan@att.net

phone: 614-777-9288

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