Lots of stuff today!!!

Good Morning! It really is :) I feel the fog starting to lift. Thank you for being so understanding about my need for some family time. That's one of the things I love about my job, if I need to be somewhere or do something, I can! 

To recap: It's been a rough year and a quarter! It seems like I've had more stress than any other time in my life. It all began on Dec 6th 2012, when we had a leak upstairs that caused water damage throughout the whole house (it took almost 6 months before we were back to normal). Then in Feb 2013, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (just as my daughter was finishing up her treatment). My 2nd son graduated from High School in June, mere days after the completed restoration of our house. Then mom passed away in July, Dad had a stroke in August and then moved temporarily out to Arizona to live with my brother. I felt like I lost both parents! September brought on horrible pain from tennis AND golfer's elbow in both arms, which kept me from creating through paper crafting or knitting. That was rough, because those are my escapes from stress! Jan 6th of this year, the floor dropped out again when my Aunt nearly died at her home. She's a Widow with no kids, and my Dad is her only surviving sibling. He was in no shape to take care of her AND himself so I stepped in to help with her medical and financial stuff. I won't go into details, but you've seen the show hoarding? Just saying, I could be a TV star! We finally found an Independent Living Facility for her and move her in last Saturday. It's been a real challenge finding the things that she needs in her house. She has so much of everything, but very specific requests on what she needs. It's going to take MONTHS to get her house cleaned out. Oh my Goodness, and add all of the snow we've had lately. It's no wonder I've been depressed and sick! Hopefully things will go back to somewhat normal for us soon. It's chaotic enough with two teenagers in the house, I really don't need any more drama.

BUT... Today is a new day. I'm finally feeling better after being sick for the last week or so, my elbows are doing so much better (oh, so much better!), the sun is out and I'm going to make the rest of this week wonderful. Or else, LOL!

So, I have lots to share with you today. First, here are the pictures from my upcoming classes. I still have room in most sessions, you can pay at the door, but you must RSVP to make sure I save you a space, ok? Ok! ;) Note: You can see all class details in previous blog post here.

Watercolor Wonders Class

February Cards Class
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And, Last but not least... The Clearance Rack was updated this morning with lots of deals up to 80% off the original price. You can shop online or add it to your class orders this week but shop soon, because these items sell out fast!

Have a wonderful day, I miss you guys!
Terri :)
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