Card Buffet Postponed

Hello Stampers! I hope you're all staying warm and healthy. It's been such a long January for us. My husband and I have been sick since the first of the year. Definitely not covid, but it's been hard to get rid of all of these upper respiratory symptoms. I'm finally starting to feel better but have decided that this month's Card Buffet will have to be postponed. My stamp room looks like a bomb went off in it, and I just don't have the energy I need to get everything ready in time. 

I HAVE been super busy making cards though and will be posting them over the course of the next couple of weeks. 

If you've placed an order (with me or in my online store) greater than $30 during the month of January, Thank You! Please keep an eye on these cards and let me know which ones you'd like to have as a specially designed kit. You can choose up to 8 cards total, in sets of 2. Don't have time to make them yourself? Choose 4 for me to make for you and I'll send the completed cards, and envelopes, to you at the beginning of February! Or, if you'd simply like to purchase the cards, they're $3 each, or 4 for $10 plus shipping. 

If you're planning to come to card buffet (hopefully next month), you'll want to watch these cards as well. These will be what I'm offering in the class :) 

Today I'm finishing up some long overdue Thank You's. That's what you see in the pictures above (Note: these cards are available for kits and for purchase also) The card supply list is listed below.

Have a great day! 
Terri :) 
 phone: 614.530.7167 
email: terri.meehan@att.net

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