Mini Album for Silent Auction

Not again! Ok, so DS #2 (age 13) is now home with the flu. He's not the type to puke but I knew something wasn't right when he slept through his alarm. This child is usually up the very minute his alarm goes off, checking ESPN to see if anything major happened in the world of sports overnight! He's upstairs sleeping it off, DS #3 went back to school (and the exciting world of the 5th grade Safety Patrol!), and I have yet to take a shower today because I was so geeked up about finishing a project that I started last night.

Yesterday I saw a post on This blog that inspired me to drag out some recent (ok, well at least in the last year!) purchases and make a mini album. I had a Scenic Route Roxbury Christmas kit that I love but hadn't found a use for yet. And, I needed an item for an upcoming Silent Auction to benefit the March of Dimes. Are you still following me? One thing you'll figure out soon -if you haven't already- is that I tend to ramble. Bear with me though, it all comes together in the end! Right, Wendie?! So, this is the book that I made based on the book that I saw. (Oh, and by the way, the blog I linked to ROCKS! It's one of my favorites.) In addition to the Scenic Route kit, I used an Old Olive Classic Ink Pad from Stampin' Up! (hereafter known as SU!), some Bling from Heidi Swapp, Twill Ribbon (retired) from SU!, my trusty Scor-Pal, and the Bind-it-all. So here are my pics. I hope to work on another album or 2 this afternoon and I'll post those if I do. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I've been mentioned in two blogs in as many weeks! I'm so special!! =)

I love the book!!! I want it. I guess I need to take my checkbook to the auction!! That would be a great book with which to work through the Holiday Grand Plan. Maybe I could buy that and then copy it. Hmmm...

The photography isn't bad. Just needs a little more light. =P


Anonymous said...

Terri, that is absolutely gorgeous! I may have to try my hand at this next week!

Hope the boys are feeling better!

Linda McClain said...

Wow - I love how your book turned out!

Kelly Driver said...

I really like that. Great job!! Can't wait to see it at the retreat/auction.