Muffins with Mom

We had Muffins with Mom this morning at my son Nathan's school. It's always totally chaotic and crazy, but Nathan loves it so we decided to go (not that he's crazy about going with me, but they have Doughnuts too! LOL!). When he leaves to go to Sixth Grade next year, it will be the first time in 14 years that I don't have a child at the elementary school!!! Wow, that's quite a milestone.

One thing I love about Nathan is that his love of life is SO contagious. Can't you just tell how much fun he's having by looking at the picture of the two of us this morning?

Hope you all have a great day!


Missey~ said...

great picture!!
happy mother's day to you :-)

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to us both being at Tharp next year. Wouldn't it be funny if Nate and Liz were on the same team? :)