Saturday's Post (on Sunday!)

Well, even though I thought I had this post all set to roll in on Saturday morning (knowing that I'd be a little tired from the SU! Regionals and at my son's Freshman Football game in the morning), I messed it up.

Sorry about that :) I know it's going to come as a shocker to some of you, but I'm really not perfect. No really, I'm not! LOL!

But I digress. Above you're seeing pictures of the two cards I took to regionals yesterday to swap. First the single pics, and then a picture of ALL of the swaps I made. I think there were around 60 of them total. Let me tell you, it took me two solid days of stamping and glueing and... I LOVED every minute of it. It was so rewarding when I got to swap them out, everyone was very sweet and all of the appropriate ooohs and aaaahs were made. Talk about making me feel good! Watch for versions of these two cards when I offer my Christmas Card Workshops (details coming shortly, the first one will be offered in October!).

In the next few days I'll be posting pictures of some of my favorite swaps received. Those of you coming to class on Wednesday and Thursday will get the chance to see all of them in person. I learned SO much at the seminar and I'll be sharing it with you in the form of blog posts and lots of classes throughout November and December. Stay tuned for more info!

Now I'm off to stamp something, and I suggest you do the same. Have fun!

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basketcase said...

LOVE the swap cards!!! Those are awesome!!!