10-4 Good Buddy!

Yes, today's 10/4 and everytime I think about that I'm reminded of a few years during my childhood when my mom and dad were BIG into CB's.  I can't remember what I did last week, but I can still remember our call letters (KCD8739) that we used to identify ourselves on the radio.  And I can remember our CB Handles (names) too:  Dad was Red Apple because he drove a Red Chevy Van, Mom was the Avon Lady (I think you can figure that one out), my brother was Wang Fang (I don't know...), I was Crab Apple (referring both to my ever-so-sunny disposition AND the fact that I was my father's daughter), and my sister was Little Red.  Ha-ha, those were some very interesting years, indeed!

But there I go again, digressing.  I'm sure Wendie's out there shaking her head. Aren't ya, Wendie?!

Today's the day I promised to tell you why YOU should join the Stampin' Up! Family of Demonstrators and sign on with me.  I spent the weekend narrowing it down to my top 10 favorite reasons right now.  Ask me next week and I'll probably have new ones :)  Here they are:

1) 20% (OR MORE) Discount on every order!

2) You stamp anyway, why not do something to help offset your costs? 

3) Through Oct 19th you can get a free Crafter's Tote in the Greenhouse Gala Print (39.95 value)

4) Starter kits are inexpensive and include everything you need to get started at a great discount!

5) 30 % off your first order placed as a demonstrator.

6) Make new friends by sharing something you LOVE!

7) Order from new Mini Catalogs a full month before everyone else can!

8) Travel the country with your friends, fellow demonstrators, for Incentive Trips, Conventions and Regional Seminars!

9) Write off your expenses (travel, supplies, etc.) on your taxes :)  (Sorry, Uncle Sam!)

10) Sign up now and you'll receive a stamp set from the Occasions 2011 Mini Catalog before it's available to everyone else, absolutely free! (I hope to make it back in here to post all the details on this promotion, but just in case I don't, ask me :)

Whew!  That's quite a list and I know I left out lots but I would be so happy to share more information with you.  I pride myself on not being pushy, so I'll give you the information you need to need to make a decision that's right for you.  We have a large group here in the Central Ohio area, we get together a couple of times a quarter -at least- to stamp, have meetings, etc.  And we'd love to have you join us!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to get together and talk about this wonderful opportunity!

Terri :)
phone: 614.777.9288
email: terri.meehan@att.net


basketcase said...

How'd you know I was shaking my head, Miss Crab Apple? You just give me so much ammunition!!

MARY said...

Catch ya on the flip side! ;)