Just checking in...

I'm so sorry to have been out of touch. I went from that stomach bug last week right into the Flu. I had a flu shot so it's supposed to be a lighter case. But, it just keeps hanging on! And on, and on. Ugh!

Meanwhile, I'm NOT going into my studio because there is so much stuff in there and there's no way I'll be able to sanitize everything I touch. If this thing runs it's full course, I should be better in a few days. I'm planning to send out catalogs at that point to anyone that hasn't received one yet.

Email me if you'd like a set, ok?

In the meantime, you can look at both catalogs by clicking the links on the left hand side of the blog. And, be sure to use January Hostess Code NDA9ZPN2 if you do and I'll send you goodies in the mail and enter you into the January Doorprize Drawing for every $25 in mdse ordered. Thanks so much!

Take care,
Terri :)
phone: 614.530.7167
email: terri.meehan@att.net

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