Trying not to dwell...

So much stuff keeps happening. 2015 is not off to a promising start, but I'm determined to hang in there.

Right after I made the decision that class this morning would have to be cancelled, I got a call that Timmy (my 19 year old) had crashed his truck at the entrance ramp to 315 on his way to work. When I got there I saw that he had taken out a sign, gone down and back up over into a ditch and his car was turned around the opposite direction. It landed there after he gained control, JUST 3 FEET from oncoming traffic. Someone was definitely watching over him. It was such a scary sight for this mom to see. I'm so grateful that he's ok. He'll probably be driving my car for a few days while his truck is fixed, but he didn't even have a scratch on him. Thank God!

And then this happened:

Those of you who have been to my Stamping Classes know who Riley is. He's the dog that always wanted to be where the stamping was. If the Big Shot was on the table, he was always right under it, because he knew everyone would have to come and see him at some point during class. He patiently waited for that to happen. If I was stamping, or working in my office, he ALWAYS laid in the middle of the stamp room floor. If one of his boys was upstairs while this was going on, he sometimes laid on the middle step so that he could be halfway between us. He just wanted to be where the action was. Today we woke up to find that he had passed in his sleep. Both Timmy and Nathan were here at the time. I don't know what I would have done if I was here alone when it happened. I think he knew that. What a sweet boy. After having him in our family for the last 11 years,  I sure will miss him :(

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