A Monogram Letter & a sick Safety Patrolman

What can you expect from a day that starts with your 11 year old puking on your bed while you're asleep? Oy! Is there anything worse than that smell? Of course DH was already at work so I got to be the one that cleaned it up. Why am I always here by myself when the kids puke, or the dog has diarrhea on the carpet? Oh my, it sounds funny when I put it that way but believe me when I say that it's not anything I enjoy! So I did what I imagine any mom would do in the same situation- Clean up *him AND my bed*, call him in sick to school and then go back to bed! Poor little guy was so upset, he was supposed to have his first day on the Safety Patrol, but instead he was sent back to bed. Just another reason why I'm so glad that I quit my full time job. I really loved it, but it was hard to be a good mom with all that stress and responsibility.

But things got better after that. My friend Susan called, wondering if I could put together a monogram letter for someone she was visiting today. Well, of course! I love doing these altered letters, in fact I'm kind of a pro at this point ;) It took a few minutes to pick out the paper. Thank God for Basic Grey and their little 6x6 paper pads. They are my first choice for small altered objects. I love that they scale down the size of the prints. I always use a glue stick to glue the paper to the Making Memories letter (after I've traced and cut it out). Then I sand all of the edges. The sanded edges look SO finished, it's amazing. I printed off the last name on my printer, and used some (retired) Hodgepodge Hardware from Stampin' Up! and some Prima Flowers to finish it off. Anyway, here's the finished product. Sorry the picture isn't the greatest. Remind me to add photography studies to my list of things to do (in my spare time, of course!). Hope your day turns out better than mine began!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man!!! That sucks!!! For you and for Nate!!!

Love the letter, though! Very cool!