What does Coffee have to do with Mr. Ed?!

How, on Earth, did these get named Mr. Ed cards?!

Well kids, it goes somethin' like this:
When I first saw this style of card, I really, really liked it. I definitely knew I wanted to use it for one of my card template classes. But, after doing a lot of research online, I still couldn't figure out what to call it. Ugh! Gate card or 1/2 door card both sounded so terribly unexciting. So, I decided to make up a name and to make it unique. LOL! Because, why not?!  I thought about it a bit and decided that it really reminded me of the barn door that the horse, Mr. Ed, used to hang over as he was calling out "Wiiiilllllbuuuuur"! (Got that picture in your head now?)

Well, you're welcome for that little brainworm. I bet you'll remember these now. And that's the story of how these came to be known (by me and my minions) as the Mr. Ed Cards. Also, in case you're wondering... No, I'm not old enough to have seen Mr. Ed's show in anything but re-runs! wink, wink!

Without further ado, I present the first Mr. Ed card featuring Coffee Cafe. I have a couple more that will be showing up in future posts. Note: For those of you who already attended the Template Class, this will be just a brush up on the supplies. Thank you :)

The inside of the card

Shown at an angle. Can you see the 'gate'?

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