It's raining!

And I'm not just talking about outside ;) Lots of wacky stuff going on (other than the flu, none of it health related on my part).

I was so excited to find a new Christmas / Winter album by Enya on iTunes today. It's called "And Winter Came...". I'm sure of you will think I'm such a geek but I'm really enjoying it.

It looks like I'm going to be making all of my gifts at the last minute. Which, I realize, is NOT going to be very helpful for you all. So, how about some pictures of past gift projects? I'll dig up the pictures and post them in the next day or so. So check back, ok?


Still sick / sick again?

For those of you waiting (patiently?) for gift ideas. I promise they're coming. I'm sick again with the flu. This makes the 4th time I've had something pukey since the beginning of September. I'm feeling better but it started on Saturday and I've still got NO energy whatsoever. This really sucks and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. And, I'm getting particularly tired of eating oatmeal :(

Back to bed, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.