Extra weight in my suitcase

Hello stampers! I hope this week is being kind to you. The beach is great, but I didn't mean to abandon you! I might as well have brought bricks with me on vacation because my laptop (that I brought with me, just for blogging) absolutely refuses to connect to any wireless (including my personal hotspot). It's beyond frustrating!

Never fear, I'll be back next Monday, August 7th. I enjoyed challenging myself to daily posts in July, so, even though I missed a few days then, I'm going to try it again! A lot of you told me that you enjoyed it, as well. I hope you'll come back on Monday because I've got a really great class to share with you!

Until then,
 Terri :)
 phone: 614.530-7167
Email: terri.meehan@att.net

Ps I'm typing this on my cell phone, and the print is really tiny, so please forgive any typos😊

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